Hi ,

        I am Renuka , I love to try new recipes , cooking for me is therapeutic and an excellent stress buster. I am a vegetarian but use eggs a lot (eggiterian) . Though I love to cook , I don’t believe in slogging for hours in the kitchen . I enjoy tweaking recipes to make them easy . I have a terrible sweet tooth so most of the time it is desserts in my kitchen . I am greatly influenced by Nigella Lawson’s easy style of cooking.

I have done my masters in Food Science And Nutrition and do diet consultations . I am cooking for the past 12 years .My interest in cooking started because of my mum who is an excellent cook making mouth watering traditional dishes as well as tasty surprises for us . My aunts are also my inspiration  as they too are superb cooks who used to participate in different cooking contests and win even 20 yrs back. My mother in law is also a cooking enthusiast trying new recipes even at the age of 72. Hats of to all these lovely ladies who inspire me.

I thought of writing this blog to catalog all my favorite recipes and share them with you. I hope you enjoy making these recipes as much as I do.

I would like to thank you for visiting here , I  would also love to hear from you any comments or suggestions. Please let me know if you try any of these recipes and if  it worked for  you  or you tweaked it to your taste. Please come back again!!!


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  1. Hi Renuka,
    Thanks for stopping by “Trinity’s Kitchen” and for the follow. I look forward to sharing recipe inspiration with you and hearing more about your adventures in your own kitchen!

  2. Hi Renuka,

    I know I have not mentioned earlier that I love your blog & the small chit chats we share about different recipe’s. I’m nominating you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. Do accept & share this award with other bloggers you want to share it with. : ) The rules are in this link – http://kelipaan.com/awards/


  3. Thanks for stopping by our blog and liking one of our posts (:
    Hope you enjoy blogging! Unfortunately, we can’t use your recipes as we don’t eat eggs or dairy, but that would be a great source for vegetarians!
    Hope you’ll find many more yummy vegan recipes on blogs you visit and maybe even become a vegan (:
    Happy Blogging!
    S & H

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog and my recent Cookies and Cream Cupcakes! I hope you stop by again and get a chance to try a recipe out for yourself too! I look forward to following your posts in the future!!


  5. Hi Renuka, discovered your lovely site a few moments back. A catalogue of simple, easy n mouth watering recipes. I particularly enjoyed your dessert expeditions. Would love it if you could post your eggless attempts at baking too. Thanks
    My site: myfoodtapestry.wordpress.com

  6. Hey Renuka, I love your your blog and your mouth watering recipes just tried trimisu and i it turned out really great just love it thank you for sharing this recipe with us …
    Have a great holiday in States !!!!!

    1. hi SonalI miss being here and u all but have been bogged down by work so was not here. hopefully will be able to restart more in a few weeks.
      thank u so much for thinking of me

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